Picture Recovery!

Recovery is Everywhere

Share a photo of what recovery looks like to you and be part of a Pop-Up Exhibit

This Recovery Month, show that Recovery Is Everywhere with a photo!

When we “Picture Recovery” we help break the stigma that surrounds substance use disorder. Share a photo and add a short caption that tells us why the photo “pictures recovery” for you.

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When you submit your photo. select one of the categories below. We’ll tag your photo with this category and organize the 2020 Virtual Walk for Recovery “Photo Finish” Pop Up Exhibit with these themes. Your first name, photo. and caption will be visible to the public.

Register to attend the September 19 Walk for Recovery “Picture Recovery” Pop-Up exhibit on the Capitol Grounds. You’ll get a free gaiter face covering and be able to finish your walk – solo, with friends and family, or with your Walk Team – as you take in the “Picture Recovery” photos on display! Questions? Contact us at walk@minnesotarecovery.org.

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