Recovery Month Platinum Sponsor: Kyros

Minnesota Recovery Connection is grateful for the support of 2022 Recovery Month Platinum Sponsor, Kyros. We’re happy to share this guest post from Kyros about their digital platform for substance use disorder recovery. Thank you, Kyros!

Kyros is the first of its kind digital platform for substance use disorder recovery services, harnessing the power of technology to build new pathways to help people heal. At Kyros, our goal is to expand and streamline access to recovery services and providers through a centralized, digital platform. While we are a technology-inclined organization, our work doesn’t end there – we know the importance of consistency throughout the entire continuum of care and we are there to support our clients every step of the way.

Kyros is focused on expanding accessibility to recovery resources at the ground-level through an expansive network of recovery organizations which form a safety net for every individual we work with. Our first priority is to meet our clients where they are, whether that be day one or 1001. The process of long-term recovery does not occur in a vacuum and we believe that a consistent and comprehensive support system is necessary for optimizing client outcomes and creating options for a better future.

As part of our services, Kyros offers free CPRS training through our partner Refocus Recovery and the opportunity to earn a livable wage providing services to others in recovery. We have already onboarded over 140 Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who are working with 900 clients to provide services including transportation to and from meetings and appointments, administrative support, and housing. This creates a perpetual loop allowing Kyros to positively impact people’s lives in a highly scalable way.

Kyros has recently added another line of service for our clients by adding 10 clinicians who will begin offering medically assisted treatment (MAT) and driving clinical operations. Additional treatment services will continue to be added as the organization expands in both depth and breadth.

At Kyros, we’re striving to close the treatment gap and partner with other committed recovery organizations to better serve the recovery community. For more information about Kyros, visit our website here.

We are building a network of dedicated providers that extends to individuals in the recovery community committed to making a career out of helping others. Kyros is employing Certified Peer Recovery Specialists to go out into the recovery field and work with individuals struggling with substance use disorder by walking alongside peers throughout their recovery journey. For those interested in becoming Certified Peer Recovery Specialists check out information on becoming a provider here.

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