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AA Alternatives Of Minnesota, Inc.

All types of assessments, Rule 25 evaluations, SAP evaluations for DOT.  Outpatient treatment tailored for each client, with or without groups, and flexible scheduling.  Intensive outpatient treatment with housing.  “Driving With Care” classes.  24/48 hour treatment to meet guidelines for driver’s license requirement.  Consultation.  Health Maintenance & Case Management.

All Services are Non AA / Non 12 Step model.


2499 Rice St. Suite 40, Roseville, MN 55113

Al-Anon Minnesota North

If you’d like even more information, please consider joining our website as an Al-Anon or Alateen community member. This will give you access to additional Minnesota North Area Assembly meetings and other Al-Anon Family Group program information. It’s easy to become a member. Just click here and follow the instructions. Here’s all the information that’s available to members:

  1. Get more information on recovery in the Recovery Tools.
  2. View MN North Area Assembly information by going to North Area Information.
  3. Select and print needed forms by going to Forms.
  4. Read the latest newsletter by going to Northern Triangle Newsletter.
  5. Browse images of wonders with words in the Word Gallery.
  6. Search creative ideas for carrying the message at Public Outreach.
  7. Consider more resources by going to Information Service Center.
  8. Seek Al-Anon or Alateen program information outside of the North Area by going to Links.

Alcoholics Anonymous – International

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.


(212) 870-3400




475 Riverside Drive at West 120th St. - 11th Floor New York, NY 10115

Alcoholics Anonymous Saint Paul & Suburban Area Intergroup

Need help?

If you want to drink, that’s your business.  If you want help to stop drinking, that’s our business.

We are here for you.  Telephone answered 24 hours per day.

You can reach a recovering alcoholic who has been where you are at any minute of any day by calling.


608 7th Street West, Saint Paul, MN 55102


Our Mission

Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change.

Our Goal

Cornerstone’s ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime. Safe and stable futures are possible when we coordinate an effective crisis response, implement trauma-informed support services, mitigate the impact of violence on children and youth, and confront the roots of violence.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to a society in which violence in families and relationships no longer exists. Domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence and human trafficking are crimes. They are a violation of human rights. The use of violence is a choice and can be prevented. All community members have a responsibility to confront the roots of violence and eliminate oppression.


1000 East 80th Street Bloomington, MN 55420

Crossroads Aftercare


To help individuals in early recovery rebuild their lives while assisting them in developing and maintaining a support network to guard against relapse.  To help residents attain the necessary skills to live an addiction free life. We accomplish this by:

  • Assisting residents in addressing the issues that have kept them in a cycle of addiction.
  • Guiding development of a support network that encourages positive change and recovery.
  • Teaching how to reach for help and how to implement the feedback received.
  • Encouraging short- and long-term goals that create the life each resident deserves.


2823 South Wayzata Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55405

Damascus Way

Damascus Way is a halfway house program serving men with criminal histories. Assistance in finding employment, permanent housing, and a support community is offered. But more than that, we provide opportunities for our residents to consider the deeper issues of their lives. Those who come to Damascus Way are here because they have lost their freedom. The misuse of freedom results in being locked up in addictions, destructive behaviors, and ultimately, behind iron bars.

The Minneapolis facility, located in Golden Valley, has 18 beds.  Men involved with the Minnesota Department of Corrections on Supervised Release, Intensive Supervised Release, and Work Release are all eligible for referrals along with those who have a criminal past.  We also accept those who are seeking a sober living environment.  Features include:

  • Near the bus line, just minutes from downtown Minneapolis
  • Weekly meetings and coaching sessions
  • Assistance in Job and Housing search
  • Private yard with woods and recreation
  • 2 Community Rooms/Lounges
  • Hot meals served every day
  • Washer, Dryer

The Rochester program, serving the Tri-County area of Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted and all of southeastern MN, has 55 beds in two locations.  Men involved with the Minnesota Department of Corrections on Work Release and DFO Community Corrections referrals are all eligible along with those who have a criminal past.  We also accept those who are seeking a sober living environment.  Features include:

  • Apartment style living in two-bedroom units
  • Private Kitchens/Bathrooms/Showers
  • Weekly meetings and coaching sessions
  • Assistance in Job and Housing search
  • Near the bus line, just minutes from downtown Rochester
  • Game room/Lounge with Television and Pool Table
  • Washer/Dryer

For more information go to the CONTACT page and send us an email

Dream Center – St. Cloud

A Bridge to the future for men that need services to help them overcome their current issues. The goal of the Overcomers Program is to help people face their problems, find wholeness, and successfully integrate back into society. We are a registered “Housing With Services” facility in Minnesota with a total of 58 single bedroom capacity, a 4 buildings in St. Cloud, Minnesota and 3 buildings in Willmar, Minnesota. We Provide these services for adult men, 18 and older, that need care, are struggling with mental health issues, chemical dependency issues, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities, who may may lack adequate housing or even have corrections housing issues. We provide three meals a day, personal care, medication management, support groups, accountability, transportation to care providers & aftercare programs, and job & education coaching. We also network with social workers, probation officers, and aftercare providers. Our staff are trained to provide a loving safe environment that is supportive for each resident.


(320) 656-1550




529 16th Ave. No., St. Cloud, MN 56303

Eldercare Locator

The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide service that connects older Americans and their caregivers with trustworthy local support resources. Since 1991, the Eldercare Locator has been linking those who need assistance with state and local agencies on aging, as well as community-based organizations that serve older adults and their caregivers. Whether help is needed with services such as meals, home care or transportation, or a caregiver needs training and education or a well-deserved break from caregiving responsibilities, the Eldercare Locator is there to point that person in the right direction.  The Eldercare Locator is a public service of the Administration on Aging (AoA), an agency of the U.S. Administration for Community Living.


(800) 677-1116



Emotions Anonymous

Emotions Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who desire to improve their emotional well-being. EA members come together in weekly meetings for the purpose of working toward recovery from any sort of emotional difficulties. EA members are of diverse ages, races, economic status, social and educational backgrounds. The only requirement for membership is a desire to become well emotionally.


PO Box 4245, St. Paul, MN 55104


LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs. In LifeRing, we offer each other peer-to-peer support in ways that encourage personal growth and continued learning through personal empowerment. Our approach is based on developing, refining, and sharing our own personal strategies for continued abstinence and crafting a rewarding life in recovery. In short, we are sober, secular, and self-directed. There are as many ways to live free of drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful sober people. LifeRing respectfully embraces what works for each individual.


Recovery Church, Bill Wilson Room 253 State Street South, Saint Paul, MN 55107

Minnesota Day One Crisis Line

Day One® networks with over 80 victim service and youth serving agencies to provide immediate access to safety and services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Click here to learn more about Cornerstone’s Day One program.

Contact the Minnesota Day One Crisis Line:

Call: 1-866-223-1111
Text: 612-399-9995
Please call 911 in an emergency.

Help is available to you no matter where you’re located in the state of Minnesota. Regardless of the time of day, you can get connected to resources and learn about your options. Whether you’re experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking or simply questioning aspects of your relationship, advocates are ready to listen and provide information.

The Minnesota Day One Crisis Line is staffed around the clock, seven days a week. When you call, you’ll connect with an advocate who can provide options and help you access safe housing and other resources you need. The abuse is not your fault. You are not alone.

Our caring advocates are available for:

• Support: 24-hour crisis supportive services
• Safety: Getting and keeping you and your family safe
• Housing: Providing emergency shelter and safe housing
• Resources: Support groups, transitional housing, legal advocacy, culturally specific services and more

Crisis Counseling:
We can provide a variety of resources for those seeking information—including referrals to support groups, possible transitional housing in your area and options for legal advocacy. If you are questioning unhealthy aspects of your own relationship or are concerned about a loved one, we are here to listen.

Protection for Pets:
We know that approximately 71% of animal owners entering emergency shelters reported that their abusers had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or psychological control (Ascione, 1997). Abusers often threaten to hurt beloved family pets to prevent victims from leaving.

Cornerstone maintains an innovative partnership with the Humane Society and a local animal hospital. You can breathe easier knowing that your pets will receive safe shelter and medical attention during your stay in emergency housing.


1000 E 80th St. Bloomington MN 55420

Natalis Outcomes Case Management Support Services

Our case management program works with underserved populations around the Twin Cities. It is a team based approach to case management that helps clients gain access to various supports like medical, psychological, social opportunities, housing access, transportation, navigating county resources and much more! The program is meant to be long term and follow client’s through life as they face different barriers. There is also a nurse who is part of the team to assist clients who may have more physical health needs like managing medications, diabetes, high blood pressure and any other physical health ailments.


1821 University Ave W Suite 155 St Paul, MN 55104

New Path

Housing for Women

Partners In Recovery

Call for an Immediate Assessment – 888.648.7652 Press 5 or email info@partnersinrecovery.net Located in Roseville off Snelling & 36 in the center of the Twin Cities. We also have offices in northern Minnesota in Hibbing & Virginia.

We are committed to transforming lives through the teaching and practice of a 6-step process: CONNECT, IDENTIFY, COMMIT, IMPLEMENT, MEASURE, SUSTAIN. We believe this process is a path to recovery … and, beyond. It is individualized and based on Planning a Life BY DESIGN—and not Default.

The 90-Day Challenge – In addition to traditional treatment services,
Partners In Recovery provides an OutPatient & Sponsored Lodging program
that can be an alternative to prison, a reentry treatment post-prison or an
opportunity to get back on track after a probation violation.

• Addiction & Mental Health
• Addressing Criminogenic Needs
• DWI Education
• Diversion Treatment Program
• Post-Prison Treatment Program
• Recovery Resources
• HIGH INTENSITY OUTPATIENT – 20 hours per week with Sponsored Lodging
• LOW INTENSITY OUTPATIENT – 9 hours per week

PARTNERS IN RECOVERY takes a bio-psych-social approach with evidence-based models: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, Strength and Solution-Focused & Motivational Interviewing. Cornerstone Educational Materials: Escaping Your Prison & Partners In Recovery 6-Step Process Curriculum.



1611 Co. Rd. B, West, Suite 102, Roseville, MN 55113

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota

PPSM (PSI-MN) is the voice for mental health during & after pregnancy. We are a trusted ally for families & practitioners, providing support, advocacy, awareness and training during this vulnerable time. We connect anyone who is struggling to support & quality resources, along with reassurance that you are not alone.

Through a strong partnership with the mental health community, we ensure the best care for parents and families. We are a volunteer organization paving the way for perinatal mental health, and setting the standard for care nationwide.

Recovering u

Gloria Englund, founder of Recovering u breaks new ground in the field of addiction recovery and support. As an ally of the recovery community, she honors all pathways of recovery. She is a psychotherapist, who holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Development. As a certified Recovery Coach, she works with individuals and families dealing with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, and relationships. Gloria has personal as well as professional knowledge of addiction and recovery; her oldest son, Aaron, died of a heroin overdose in 2007. As an accomplished public speaker, advocate and published author, Gloria brings a message of hope and recovery to others.

Gloria offers two on-going coaching support groups. Courageous Caregivers© is a group for those who have a loved one experiencing active addiction, or who are new to recovery. A Different Kind of Grief© is a group for those who have a loved one who has died from addiction. Although there is time for personal check-in, both of these groups differ from traditional family recovery support groups and general grief support groups because there is a specific focus or theme for each gathering as well as coaching feedback to the group and/or individual members. Both groups are offered in six-week segments and limited to six members to allow for bonding and trust to establish quickly. Even though the majority of Gloria’s personal recovery has centered around relationships with others, she is also in recovery from food addiction. Gloria has been in recovery for over 30 years.

Renewed Life Counseling Services

Renewed Life Counseling Services

Location: 10026 University Avenue, Suite 103, Mpls, MN 55448

Behavioral health services with emphasis on substance use disorders. We implement motivational meditation, the twelve-steps, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that outlines a course of action and behaviors that support recovery. Care and recovery support systems that help people with mental and/or substance use disorders manage new behaviors. Recovery is living a renewed life and making informed and healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being. Recovery is built on vision, purpose, strengths, resources, and values.


10026 University Avenue

Tagwii Recovery Center – Mino Bimaadizi Waakaa’igan

Tagwii uses a person’s strengths and culture to help move into a better life free of drugs and alcohol. Tagwii offers low to high intensity outpatient, group weekdays, Rule 25’s by appointment, and Recovery Case Management services.


2020 Bloomington Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55405

The Joy Project for Eating Disorders

Anyone who struggles with eating disorder or body image issues is welcome to attend. No pre-registration necessary.  For more information on ANAD, check out www.anad.org. Click here for a map to the Monday night support group location

Our Message Boards, located at Joy Project Online give people in recovery the ability to chat with other people in recovery to support each other, give and receive feedback, share helpful information, and challenge each other to continue to fight their eating disorder. Features include: Option to create a personal online diary, daily challenge projects, weekly ‘Challenge Food Challenge’ contests, interactive polls, and permanent threads with useful info and links to more information. 

We have collected information on treatment centers throughout the US into our searchable Treatment Finder database. Our goal is to help people find a treatment center that is the right fit for them by providing detailed information about what each center specializes in, which insurance they accept, average wait list time, and a number of other criteria.


PO Box 16488 St Paul, MN 55116

Thrive! Family Support

Thrive! Family Support exists to help support those who have family members or other key relationships that are struggling with substance abuse or other destructive behaviors.  Thrive Family Support seeks to bring hope and restoration to those families by providing resources, support, education, advocacy and healing connections with compassion, understanding and love.

It has been said by many that there must be a better way through these difficulties than merely learning to survive.  And, there is!  We want to help people not just survive but, thrive!  Our in-person support groups are a unique combination of topics and support that provide real solutions to families going through real struggles, with compassion, understanding and love.   Meetings are held throughout the Metro area.






1020 E 146th St., Burnsville, MN

Twin Cities Men’s Center

TCMC offers a variety of support groupsworkshops, brunches, retreats,  play shops, presentations  and conferences. Presenters participate in weekly programs on Wednesday nights at the Men’s Center. TCMC provides speakers and custom-designed programs for schools and community organizations.

Since 1996, The Men’s Center began offering Men Helping Men with Anger Management classes, pioneering this vital healing field. We continue to serve as a clearinghouse of Resources for Twin Cities Men.

Our Mission

The Men’s Center provides resources for men seeking to grow in body, mind and spirit, and from that foundation advocates for healthier family and community relationships.

Support Group Mission

The mission of the Men’s Center Support Groups is to create a safe place, in times of personal and social challenge, for any men and women to receive and to give support to one another. Attendees share feelings and experiences which facilitate Self-Acceptance and Personal Growth.


3249 Hennepin Avenue South, Suite 55 Minneapolis, MN 55408



How can we support your recovery today?

800 Transfer Road, Suite 31 • Saint Paul, MN 55114 • 612.584.4158

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