No matter where we are on our pathway in recovery, having healthcare coverage creates a safety net for life’s unexpected events.

Healthcare is a part of recovery.


Wondering what your options are?
Minnesota Recovery Connection can help!

Minnesota Recovery Connection’s healthcare navigators are people with the lived, shared experience of recovery. They are trained to use the MNsure marketplace and are experts on recovery resources.

They help you determine your healthcare options from Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Minnesota’s public healthcare programs) to purchasing private insurance. Our navigators guide you through all of your choices, explain the costs, and help you determine the plans that fit your needs.

We provide assistance for the recovery community. We can work with you in person or over the phone. Contact Kris for more information via email:,
phone or text 612-584-4158.

Whether seeking treatment or looking to take charge of your wellness, having access to a primary care physician or needed medications is essential but could lead to unmanageable debt without health insurance in place to help cover the costs.


Recovery Capital

Getting health insurance is a great start to building recovery capital. At Minnesota Recovery Connection we model our supports around the eight dimensions of wellness.



Working with a healthcare navigator can introduce you to other ways to build your recovery capital like receiving calls from our Telephone Recovery Support Team, going to an All Recovery Meeting, or volunteering.


Parity Law

Feeling things aren’t fair when it comes to your chemical or mental health coverage?

Under the Federal Parity Law, your insurance plan cannot have more restrictive financial requirements for behavioral health care than for other types of medical care.

If you have concerns that your health insurance plan is not holding up its end of the bargain, check out this ParityTrack tool to know your rights, get support, and report possible violations.



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