How to become a volunteer!

Service is a core value at Minnesota Recovery Connection.  Giving back to the community as a volunteer is a great way to help others while also strengthening one’s own recovery, and we provide many volunteer opportunities. We also welcome individuals who need to complete required community service hours.

Thinking about becoming a volunteer?
Here are the steps!


Check out our volunteer opportunities

There are lots of ways to support the recovery community as a volunteer. Find a position that appeals to you here.

Step Two

Fill out the online application

It’s quick and easy! Help us get to know you here.

Step Three

Attend MRC Orientation

Get to know us before you commit to volunteering. You will select a time for your one hour virtual orientation when you apply.

Step Four

Interview with MRC staff

After your orientation,  we’ll set up a time to chat with you to find the best fit for your volunteer service.

Step Five

Complete a background check

Backgrounds are NOT a barrier to volunteering with us. We handle each case individually to find the right volunteer fit for you.

Step Six

Start Volunteering

We’ll set you up with a volunteer schedule, and you will help us strengthen the recovery community!

Have questions about volunteering or internships? Email or call (612) 584-4158.