Serving the Twin Cities metro area, and surrounding communities, we provide recovery housing assistance, support services, and other critical resources to individuals transitioning from in-patient substance abuse treatment centers, or correctional facilities, to recovery housing.  We also partner with many other nonprofit organizations from across the state to also assist anyone seeking long-term recovery from … Read more

Sonder is a queer, peer-led space transforming lives by providing an inclusive and joyful community that empowers its members to define their own recovery. Our vision is that recovery is joyful, empowering, and defined by you. Queering recovery liberates us from its shackles of shame and the idea that addiction is a moral failing. By … Read more

NorthStar Regional (NSR) is a behavioral health organization that provides a range of services for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. Our mission is to help people move forward in hope by providing effective and individualized treatment. Our services include residential and intensive outpatient (IOP) co-occurring disorders treatment, mental health counseling for individuals, … Read more