Reiki is a reliable holistic tool which helps body, mind and spirit to heal itself by promoting deep relaxation and stress relief. It is gentle, can be used with or without touch, and complements other healing methods. It can relieve anxiety and other emotional concerns, relieve pain, release traumatic body memories, promote self-esteem and create … Read more

Minnesota Alternatives provides adult outpatient mental health and/or substance use treatment and consultation services that focus on engagement, skill development, personalized interventions, neuroscience and healing trauma. The program uses many state of the art interventions including mindfulness meditation, imagery, motivational enhancements, cognitive behavioral strategies, and multiple trauma therapies. The program specializes in serving people who … Read more

CHOW is for culinary and hospitality staff. We believe in a future where our community never loses another person to addiction, burnout, or mental health concerns. We create safe and supportive opportunities for the industry to connect and discuss problems they’re facing with others who “get it.” Whether you work front or back of house, … Read more

Recovery Counseling can help you learn the skills you need to develop, navigate and maintain, a strong program of recovery that is based on your strengths, wants, needs beliefs, and preferences. Recovery is a lifelong journey that can bring many challenges along the way. Recovery Counseling can teach you how to maximize the joy and … Read more

(MM) is a behavioral change program and support group network for people concerned about their drinking and who desire to make positive lifestyle changes.

Minnesota Leader in Behavioral Healthcare and Addiction Recovery Services.

This site has been developed to support the needs of the face-to-face meetings in the northern metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The information here is intended to guide you to resources related to SMART Recovery® with the hopes that you can make an informed decision about the SMART Recovery® program and our meetings in the north metro. f you … Read more

COR is a residential retreat that teaches a way to live free from the obsession with food and the excess weight it causes. It is a proven method to stop overeating.

Has the following classes available. These classes are open to all with no pre-registration necessary. Please arrive five minutes early. Class times are: Every Sunday from 10:00 -11:00 a.m. (participants are welcome to stay for tea and social hour at 11:00), First and third Tuesdays of each month from 7:15 – 8:30 p.m.

Have you recently gotten a DUI and you need a chemical evaluation? Do you think you may have an alcohol or drug problem, but not sure what to do? Are you required that to get a “Rule 25” or “Chemical Use Assessment”? Would you like some help trying to figure out what to do next … Read more

Online Meetings is a support group specifically for women in recovery offeringface-to-face meetings throughout the country as well as online chat meetings. Its secular nature is what makes it fundamentally different from Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step method.

Empowering and Supporting Mothers in Recovery Parenting while in recovery is hard. Project Harmony is here to connect you with local resources, reduce barriers to sobriety, provide support for healthy parenting, and assist you with what you need so you can continue on your path of recovery. Participants receive: Parenting support and family health assessments … Read more