Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.

Drew Horowitz & Associates

Counseling and crisis work for adolescents and teenagers 24/7. Includes; counseling, mentoring, coaching and interventions. Chemical dependency assessments in the twin cities metro.

Case Management
Talented, experienced, clinicians and case managers assist clients before, during and after treatment. Clients are guided toward high-quality programs with proven track records whose style is compatible with their hopes for recovery and insurance/funding.

Mobile Assessments

Mobile chemical dependency assessments are covered by insurance, and can be at our office or your location. Assistance is provided finding appropriate treatment compatible with a client’s needs.

Credentialed clinicians perform effective, compassionate interventions nationwide. Our person-centered approach, focus on the family system, success rate, and evidence-based, clinical background with interventions sets us apart.

Coaching connects the dots of recovery. Vital for those who have co-occurring mental health issues, difficulty with traditional recovery methods, a history of relapse, or young adults in need of further development of living skills.

Emergency Contact 24/7: (651) 698-7358 (call or text)

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