July 20, 2016 MRC Staff

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Healing House

Metro Hope’s program for women, opened in 2006 and serves up to 20 mothers and 24 children in a 9-18 month program. Comprehensive case management specializes in helping to advance the process of reunification for women on probation/parole or who have an open Child Protection Services case. Programming includes Biblical parenting classes, on-site individual, group and family therapy, a weekly Christian 12-step group, and core classes focused on issues of addiction, codependency, self-worth, healing damaged emotions, Bible study and more. also provides assistance with transportation and on-call medical services as well as 24/7 on-site staff who help mothers with appropriate discipline, meal and bedtime routines, and age-appropriate activities with children.


2739 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407




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800 Transfer Road, Suite 31 • Saint Paul, MN 55114 • 612.584.4158

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