Recovery Counseling can help you learn the skills you need to develop, navigate and maintain, a strong program of recovery that is based on your strengths, wants, needs beliefs, and preferences. Recovery is a lifelong journey that can bring many challenges along the way. Recovery Counseling can teach you how to maximize the joy and … Read more

We are pleased to announce that Professional Counseling Center will be adding a new time and place to attend Driving with Care classes! Driving with Care classes can be taken in Buffalo on Saturday afternoon. Driving with Care is a nationally recognized and approved DWI/DUI educational program. That means Driving with Care works with probation … Read more

Assessments (on-site & mobile), Chemical Health Education/Driving While Impaired

At Professional Counseling Center, we take a unique approach to addiction. We offer many programs to suit various needs of people who struggle with addiction.  PCC is a Co-Occurring (Dual Diagnosis) Chemical Dependency and Mental Health treatment center. We pride ourselves in being unique from other facilities in Minnesota, with a diverse team of specialists who … Read more

Offers a full range of services for individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our programs provide structure and support to strengthen personal recovery skills in the dimensions of home, health, purpose and community. We foster safe, caring environments where individuals learn and practice new recovery skills and implement changes that support a … Read more

Chemical dependency outpatient treatment programs in St. Cloud, Sauk Centre and Milaca, MN There’s no reason to travel the road to recovery alone; Sobriety First, LLC wants to help anyone struggling with drug dependency in the St. Cloud, MN, area. Our mission is to assist our clients in obtaining a chemical-free lifestyle and to bring … Read more

Our services are designed to assist men and women with substance related issues. We offer confidential and comprehensive chemical health assessments, primary outpatient treatment, relapse prevention programs as well as Driving With Care (DWC) education and therapy programs–all carried out in an environment that is built upon respect and concern for our clients. Our facility is … Read more

Addiction, Alcohol, and Drug Treatment Center Alliance Wellness Center is a trusted addiction treatment center in Bloomington, MN that offers multicultural services delivered by a multicultural team. Rely on us for services that focus on mental health issues and addiction. Alliance Wellness Center is under the leadership of Yussuf Shafie, and our multicultural and multidisciplinary … Read more

Do not be fooled by other organizations that say they can reinstate your driver’s license.   Our Driver’s License reinstatement program is the only program authorized by Minnesota State law! We can get your license valid and remove the suspensions. If you are unsure if you qualify for the program, apply for the program and we … Read more

Have you recently gotten a DUI and you need a chemical evaluation? Do you think you may have an alcohol or drug problem, but not sure what to do? Are you required that to get a “Rule 25” or “Chemical Use Assessment”? Would you like some help trying to figure out what to do next … Read more

Every Third Saturday exists to assist veterans in finding new purpose after military service. We are all about pursuing growth and post-traumatic success. Find out more about our story, the programs we offer, and the ways we’re helping Veterans every day.