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Twin Cities Wellness Center and Recovery Gym

Twin Cities Wellness Center and Recovery Gym (TCWCRG) integrates physical well-being into its services for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. TCWCRG provides clients with multiple wellness groups throughout the treatment week in a 3,300 square foot multipurpose gym. Clients are assessed for overall fitness and lifestyle habits/interests and have a mutually agreed wellness plan prepared as a part of a client’s treatment programming and under the direction of a certified physical trainer and ADC. The scheduled participation in group fitness activities is tailored to a client’s individual capabilities. Clients endure physical activity and increase production of endorphins. Clients are exposed to a healthy practice that can help manage their stress levels, develop relationships with their body, and improve their physical health and functionality by focusing on improving mobility, breathing, weight loss, muscle gain and physical endurance enhancing both quality of life while addressing mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc.

Providing Comprehensive Assessments, Outpatient Continuing Care, and Intensive outpatient treatment with optional sober house support by various credible sober home organizations.

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