How can we support your recovery today?

Recovery Support

MRC offers free peer-based recovery support services available to anyone seeking support, whether you are contemplating, initiating or sustaining recovery or you need support as a family member, friend or colleague.

We honor all pathways to recovery. Our staff and volunteers are people with lived experience with substance use disorder and recovery who have been trained to deliver peer-based support services.

Recovery Navigation

Our Recovery Navigators offer peer support and can help navigate and connect you to resources for you or a loved one.  From housing and employment resources to finding a support group, they help remove barriers to getting connected to essential support services. Call 612-584-4158 and ask to speak with a Recovery Navigator or email

Telephone Recovery Support

Looking for a regular recovery check in? Telephone Recovery Support connects you with a peer in recovery by phone on a weekly basis. Once you sign up, MRC will make a weekly call to check in, offering confidential conversations about recovery and connections to reliable resources. Learn more or sign up for weekly Telephone Recovery Support calls.

All Recovery Meetings

All Recovery Meetings are open support groups grounded in honoring all pathways to recovery. A variety of meetings are hosted by MRC every week. Learn more about MRC’s All Recovery Meetings or find another support meeting in the area on our community events calendar.

1:1 Peer Recovery Coaching

Want help managing your recovery? MRC’s trained Peer Recovery Coaches and Recovery Navigators provide FREE one-to-one assistance to community members seeking or sustaining recovery from a Substance Use Disorder. Recognizing that recovery is a long-term process, our coaches provide mentoring and support wherever you are on your recovery journey. Coaches help people create their own recovery plan and develop their own recovery pathway.

Call 612-584-4158 or email and ask to set up a time to meet with a Peer Recovery Coach or a Recovery Navigator. As a precautionary measure due to COVID-19, MRC is only providing meetings via phone or online until further notice.


Peer-based recovery support is the process of giving and receiving nonprofessional, non-clinical assistance to achieve long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) related problems. This support is provided by people who are experientially credentialed to assist others in initiating recovery, maintaining recovery, and enhancing the quality of personal and family life in long-term recovery.

(William White. 2009)




How can we support your recovery today?

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