Out & Sober Minnesota is an organization dedicated to re-connecting recovering LGBTQA addicts and alcoholics to the community by hosting social and educational events. We encourage and promote healthy sober networks. We do this by providing low or no-cost educational, informational, and social events throughout the year and by promoting volunteerism and community involvement. Studies … Read more

The Gables, established in 1983, is a residential substance use disorder treatment program (ASAM Level 3.1/medium-intensity) dedicated to serving adult women. Located near downtown Rochester in Southeast Minnesota, The Gables offers comprehensive and specialized treatment programs in a caring and nurturing environment. Our highly qualified treatment team develops a comprehensive individualized treatment plan focusing on … Read more

The mission of The Aliveness Project is to encourage self-empowerment and provide direct services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The Aliveness Project has been an active leader in the HIV community in Minnesota ever since. We offer a food shelf and hot meals to support daily nutrition, outreach and case management services to get people tested and … Read more

Cochran Recovery Services (CRS) was established as a nonprofit in 1974 by recovering alcoholics in the Hastings area. Today, CRS provides medium-intensity, co-occurring residential treatment for men and is managed by NUWAY, one of Minnesota’s largest nonprofit co-occurring treatment providers.

Do you think you might be at risk for HIV? Want to know where to get an HIV test? Were you recently diagnosed with HIV? Looking for resources that can help you manage HIV? The AIDSLine is Minnesota’s statewide, toll–free information and referral service that can answer your questions about HIV and link you to … Read more

REC is a grassroots effort focused on creating a socially just community for all members impacted by addiction and mental health concerns. REC strengthens and empowers the recovery community by creating hope, healing, and sustainable change through support, education, and advocacy.

Minnesota Community Care, Renewal Services Substance Use Treatment Program We are an outpatient treatment program to provider support for those with opioid use disorder. We provide Medication Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine (Suboxone). We also have a supportive behavioral health team to help you in your journey to recovery. Location: 153 Cesar Chavez St. St. Paul, … Read more

Serving the Twin Cities metro area, and surrounding communities, we provide recovery housing assistance, support services, and other critical resources to individuals transitioning from in-patient substance abuse treatment centers, or correctional facilities, to recovery housing.  We also partner with many other nonprofit organizations from across the state to also assist anyone seeking long-term recovery from … Read more

(Intensive Outpatient, GLBT, Rule 25, opiate replacement therapy-friendly)

Sonder is a queer, peer-led space transforming lives by providing an inclusive and joyful community that empowers its members to define their own recovery. Our vision is that recovery is joyful, empowering, and defined by you. Queering recovery liberates us from its shackles of shame and the idea that addiction is a moral failing. By … Read more

TRIM’s mission is to provide housing with a stable environment conducive to maximizing recovery for the LGBTQ+ community. Located in South Minneapolis, TRIM owns and operates both Gilbert House and Jordan House; both founded with the sole purpose of giving those in the LGBTQ+ community a welcoming, safe, and meaningful place to recover. Knowing the … Read more

The Men’s Center provides resources for men seeking to grow in body, mind and spirit, and from that foundation advocates for healthier family and community relationships. Our values: We believe men can and should support each other through times of personal challenge and change. We believe in authenticity, which means acknowledging to ourselves and each … Read more