MRC has been preparing individuals to provide one-to-one peer recovery support since 2011. Over 1,000 people have completed the Recovery Coach Academy to date and are using their peer-to-peer support skills to strengthen their communities.

The Recovery Coach Academy is a 46-hour program that introduces participants to the key concepts, fundamental skills and core functions of being effective in their role as a Recovery Coach or Peer Recovery Specialist.

“This was the highest of quality trainings. So professional. An absolutely AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING experience.”
– Recovery Coach Academy graduate

What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaches aren’t sponsors or addiction counselors. Instead, they’re people who have lived experience with recovery who provide non-clinical recovery support to their peers.

Recovery Coaches . . .

  • remove barriers to recovery
  • connect peers to recovery resources that target their strengths and interests
  • provide emotional support
  • focus on the present and future
  • explore “could” instead of “should”

What is a Peer Recovery Specialist

A Peer Recovery Specialist is a Recovery Coach who receives compensation and supervision through a state-approved employer for their peer recovery coaching services. In addition to completing the necessary training to be a Recovery Coach, Peer Recovery Specialists apply for a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) Credential, pass an exam issued by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, and pay a fee. MRC’s Recovery Coach Academy meets all the educational requirements for the CPRS credential issued by the Minnesota Certification Board (MCB). For more information about applying for a CPRS Credential, visit the Minnesota Certification Board site.