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Volunteer with Minnesota Recovery Connection.


Whether you have 24 hours or 24 years of recovery,
Minnesota Recovery Connection has volunteer opportunities for you.

Current volunteers can access the volunteer portal here.

Fill out a volunteer application form, or email us for more information.



Peer Support

At Minnesota Recovery Connection, “peer support” is what we call volunteer opportunities for people to work with others in recovery.

Peer support opportunities include Telephone Recovery Support, Recovery Coaching and Outreach.

Our peer support opportunities typically require training and we ask you to commit for some period of time.

For Telephone Recovery Support info, click here. For Peer Recovery Specialist info, click here. For Outreach opportunities, click here.


Administrative Work

The Minnesota Recovery Connection office is always in need of volunteers to take on administrative tasks and special clerical projects.

Volunteering at the Minnesota Recovery Connection office is a great way to build employment skills and get job references.

For more information about volunteering at Minnesota Recovery Connection’s office, email us or fill out a volunteer application form.


Special Events

Every year, Minnesota Recovery Connection holds several special events that bring the recovery community together for advocacy, community-building and fun!

Special events volunteers provide support at events like the Walk for Recovery, the Spirituality Breakfast and the Advocacy Seminar.

For information about the Walk for Recovery, click here. For info about other special events volunteer opportunities, sign up for our e-newsletter.

Click here and fill out a volunteer application form, or email us for more information.



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