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Redfining Recovery

A Recovery revolution with hosts Caddy Frink and Erin Fitzgerald

Substance Use Disorder

Join us for conversations about Substance Use Disorder and the journey to recovery. Host’s, Caddy & Erin, both advocates for long-term, bring their experience from Minnesota Recovery Connection, an organization committed to embracing diverse paths to healing. Discover the significance of honoring all pathways and why it’s crucial in our journey towards recovery. 
Historically, people with SUD (substance use disorder) are categorized and treated uniformly into the same category and given the same treatment. However, our discussions shed light on the evolving landscape of recovery, emphasizing the diverse stories and unique support needed for success. Through candid conversations with those who have triumphed over substance use, we explore the transformations within the recovery community and the varied route to finding healing.
Tune in as we delve into topics such as Harm Reduction and strategies for supporting individuals navigating substance use, as well as many other pertinent discussions