Provides a continuum of recovery support services, which encourages and guides individuals to lead responsible, fulfilling, chemical-free lives.

Keystone Treatment Center is nationally known for offering special treatment tracts for those afflicted with methamphetamine addiction and inhalant abuse, as well as services for dual diagnosis, gambling, cognitive disorders, and opioid dependence. Other specialties include Native American, Christian, Aftercare and Family programs.

Our Mission is to provide the information, education, treatment and care needed to assure that clergy, men and women religious, and seminarians suffering from alcoholism, addictions and other behavioral health conditions have the best opportunity for quality recovery and overall health and wellness. Guest House has been fulfilling this mission since 1956. Since that time … Read more

Faith Family Recovery Center is a faith-based and family-oriented treatment program committed to providing quality care for individuals struggling with chemical dependency.

The fundamental mission of Treatment Center is to help the chemically dependent person achieve freedom from addiction, and to educate the public about the risks of alcohol and other drug abuse.

Chemical Dependency Assessment & Treatment Chemical dependency services are offered to anyone in need of an evaluation of drug and alcohol use and is a referral source for multiple services. Services available through Teen Focus Recovery Center:  320-358-4065. Services for persons seeking treatment for chemical dependency or chemical abuse who meet income guidelines include the … Read more

: is a 24-Hour intensive residential program for pregnant women, new mothers and their babies. serves women ages 14-21 years of age.

Founded in 1976, Turning Point has directly served and helped positively change the lives of more than 24,125 people. Our culturally specific services support African Americans who are chemically dependent, homeless, and/or of low socioeconomic status. Our cultural training supports organizations seeking, as part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives, to better serve and work … Read more

Independent Living Skills Program focusing on community re-entry. Treatment programs for Veterans with mental illness, substance abuse, Or a combination of both.