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Doorstep Healthcare Services

Mobile Dental Services: Our dental team consists of a dentist, dental assistant and patient transporter. All of our staff are carefully screened and are caring, knowledgeable and reliable professionals. DHS staff bring equipment for full-service dental care to the patient’s facility and create a temporary treatment room in a private, comfortable space there. In addition to providing routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays and extractions, we have the capacity to provide specialty dental services to patients when we provide service at the facility.  There is rarely a need for residents to be referred out for other dental care.

Patient Transportation: We provide a staff member to transport residents safely and efficiently to the room in which we are providing service, saving nursing home staff valuable time.

Practice Management: We take care of all background paperwork, including scheduling patient care, verifying coverage through insurance and/or medical assistance, managing follow-up care, obtaining consent, communicating with patients’ families, and processing billing.

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