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At some point in their lives, one in 10
Minnesotans will need help to
recover from addiction.

Let’s talk about it.


Minnesota Recovery Connection


Minnesota Recovery Connection works to ensure that all who seek it
have access to the support, care and resources they need to achieve
long-term recovery from addiction.



Minnesota Recovery Connection envisions a world where recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is understood, promoted, embraced, and enjoyed.


Get Help

What do you need to kick-start or strengthen your recovery today? Minnesota Recovery Connection can connect you with peers who know what it’s like to deal with addiction, and who are now in long-term recovery.

Through our Telephone Recovery Support, you can ask that someone in recovery call you once a week to check in and help you find recovery-related resources. Click here to request Telephone Recovery Support.

You can also attend All Recovery Meetings that welcome anyone on any path to recovery, where you get to decide what your recovery looks like. Click here for a calendar of All Recovery Meetings.

Do you need health insurance or have questions about health care? We can help. Last year, Minnesota Recovery Connection enrolled more than 400 people in health insurance plans. Contact us for more information.



At 23 million strong, people in recovery make up one of the largest voting constituencies in the United States. Yet the shame and stigma associated with addiction often prevent us from advocating for ourselves.

The silence ends now. Minnesota Recovery Connection is dedicated to providing people with the tools to recover out loud and be the face and voice of change.

Through Get Out the Vote events and lobbying for policy that helps people in active addiction and recovery, Minnesota Recovery Connection works to build our constituency of consequence. Nothing gets decided about us without us. Contact us for more information.



The breadth and depth of the social relationships we have in the recovery community have a direct correlation to the quality of our recovery. The community serves as a safety net for us, strengthening our programs and helping us rely on each other.

Minnesota Recovery Connection facilitates opportunities to connect and get involved with others in the recovery community through educational events, fun sober activities, volunteer opportunities and more.

Recovery is about more than not drinking or using. It’s about living our lives to the fullest. Check out our calendar of events to learn about ways to get involved.



One of the guiding truths of recovery is that giving back to others strengthens our own recovery. Minnesota Recovery Connection is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to live out this helper principle in their recovery every day.

From ongoing volunteer opportunities like working in the Minnesota Recovery Connection office to event-based opportunities such as the annual Walk For Recovery, Minnesota Recovery Connection can help you help yourself by helping others.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, fill out an application here. Current volunteers can access the volunteer portal here.



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