Addiction to drugs and alcohol is the leading cause of preventable death in our country.
Yet the stigma surrounding addiction prohibits millions from getting the help they need.

Let’s end stigma now.


Minnesota Recovery Connection’s Advocacy Mission is to put a face on recovery. We mobilize the recovery community to stand up and speak out for recovery, to increase access to recovery support, and to bring visibility to the recovery community.

We show the media, policy makers, and the general public that people can and do recover. As issues come up in the Legislature that affect the recovery community, we address them individually.

Minnesota Recovery Connection advocates for people in recovery
and those struggling with addiction by:

Educating the recovery community and the general public about recovery advocacy.

Mobilizing individuals and organizations to advocate for pro-recovery policies.

Hosting recovery advocacy events.

Developing and promoting our policy priorities for the year.


Faces & Voices of Recovery

Elected officials need to know that recovery is possible and they relate best to the real human stories shared with them by you – their constituent. Find out who your legislators are here and write to or visit them to share your story of recovery.

It’s possible to advocate publicly for recovery issues while respecting the anonymity traditions of 12 step programs. Click here for more information.

Have an impact by sharing with two or more people in your community what recovery means to you and/or your family. This effort reduces the stigma and secrecy that prevent people from getting help.


Recovery Voices Count

The more people know, the more likely they are to participate in civic affairs. Our goal is to provide essential information about the issues surrounding the recovery community.

The first step in civic participation is voting. We encourage the recovery community to register to vote and get involved in voting activities so their voices can be heard in the local, state and national arenas.

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office for more information about voting in Minnesota, including updating your registration, registering before Election Day, registering to vote on Election Day and information about special circumstances like voting from a residential facility and voting if you’ve had a felony conviction.


Advocacy Education & Events

Minnesota Recovery Connection puts a face on recovery by mobilizing the recovery community to stand up and speak out for recovery. We provide many opportunities to learn more about advocacy and to get involved in making our recovery communities stronger.

Minnesota Recovery Connection’s advocacy efforts include:

Recovery Advocacy Seminar

This annual event addresses current recovery advocacy topics and provides training on how to speak out about recovery to move our advocacy agenda forward.
Click here for more information about this event.
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Our Stories Have Power Recovery Messaging Training

This workshop teaches you how to easily speak about recovery and strategize with other recovery leaders in your community. It includes opportunities to practice effectively discussing recovery outside the recovery community.
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World Café

Annually, we bring together diverse members from the recovery community to help direct Minnesota Recovery Connection’s work with the recovery community.
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Advocating for Recovery via Social Media

This workshop introduces platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can advocate for recovery issues online and leverage your social media presence to help reduce stigma.
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How can we support your recovery today?

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