NUWAY Alliance invites you to #recoverydiscovery2024

NUWAY Alliance is the proud 2024 Presenting Sponsor for MRC’s Walk For Recovery. We look forward
to celebrating with you during the month of September at the many events across the state! Join us this
year as we embark upon #recoverydiscovery2024, an interactive activity held during recovery month
events across the state. Connect with NUWAY Alliance on Facebook, Instagram (@nuwaymn) or
LinkedIn for more details coming soon!

By the way, did you know that NUWAY®, part of the NUWAY Alliance, has been participating in crucial
longitudinal research with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Practice Transformation since 2019?
This long-term study is yielding important insights to support recovery and is filling gaps in research
related to recovery housing while in nonresidential treatment. This important research is looking at
outcome differences at discharge, 3, 9- and 16-months post discharge between those utilizing recovery
residence support while in intensive outpatient (IOP) verses those who do not.

Here’s some of the findings:

Individuals living in a recovery residence while in IOP have:

  • A greater likelihood of increased days sober from IOP intake to discharge.
  • A greater likelihood of successful discharge from IOP.
  • A greater increase in sober days (+19) from intake to 16 month follow up.
  • A greater likelihood of improvements in the PHQ-9 depression scores from intake to discharge.

The study is now in its fifth year and to date, over 6,600 individuals have volunteered to enroll to be a
part of it. For more information about this research visit Research – NUWAY Alliance.

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