This is Crown Medical Support Services Clinic. Crown Medical, located in the heart of Minneapolis, is opening an Intensive Outpatient Program first started in 2020. Crown Medical itself is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been seeking to bridge the gap in healthcare service disparities faced by minorities, women, immigrants, low income and medically underserved … Read more

NorthStar Regional (NSR) is a behavioral health organization that provides a range of services for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. Our mission is to help people move forward in hope by providing effective and individualized treatment. Our services include residential and intensive outpatient (IOP) co-occurring disorders treatment, mental health counseling for individuals, … Read more

  For direct clinic access: 763-236-4371 Patient scheduling: 866-603-0016 We can help you through recovery to live a happier life, free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. We’re licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to treat people who are facing addiction and mental health concerns at the same time. That means we can support … Read more

At Sage Prairie we offer empathetic, evidence-based addiction treatment options tailored to your specific needs Have you or your family members ever experienced the following: Do you have a different idea about recovery than that of most treatment centers? Stuck in a cookie-cutter program? Inability to “get” 12-Step recovery models? Multiple episodes of return of … Read more

Mission is to help our community become self sufficient. Offers re-entry services for both men and women. Our culturally competent teachings will help heal ourselves and our relatives to live the Bimaadiziwin(The good life).. ​ We have ZOOM meetings on Monday at 1p.m. & Tuesday at 5p.m. Thursday 3pm and Friday 3pm every other week. … Read more

At Juel Fairbanks Recovery Services, our caring staff has an outstanding record of guiding and mentoring those who suffer from substance use disorders to recover from addiction and improve mental well being. Founded by a Native American, our programs provide a welcoming, culturally conscious environment.

St. Paul outpatient treatment center helping individuals breakthrough barriers to live a more healthy and empowered life. Rule25 / assessments. Male and Female treatment program available as well as sober housing while actively enrolled in treatment program.

At The Rubicon, we specialize in treating adults with substance use issues and co-occurring mental health concerns. We help those who seek to reclaim their sense of self, heal the shame that they carry, and create a satisfying life of recovery. To that end, we focus on employing empirically sound practices in an open, inclusive, … Read more

Lakeland Recovery, LLC Lakeland Recovery, LLC provides substance use disorder services to residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities. We offer assessments, group, and individual counseling sessions. We are partnered mainly with twin cities metro locations. For more information, please visit: for more information.

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Elite Recovery and Elite Empower for Women is an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) addiction treatment program based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We offer integrated treatment to adult males and females, 18 years and older who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues.  We offer a rent stipend … Read more

Recovering Hope Treatment Center is a substance use facility for families.  We provide residential substance use services for women, women and children and pregnant women in our 108 bed facility in Mora, MN.  We offer community resources for substance use outpatient services in person and remote, peer recovery support, mental health and medication management.   We … Read more

WHERE HOPE MEETS RECOVERY Frazier Wellness Services provides individualized, evidence-based treatment services that promote sustained recovery & positive lifestyle changes. Our Staff is committed to providing client centered and trauma informed care. We specialize in offering hope to all those we serve! INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT & OUTPATIENT TREATMENT WITH HOUSING Day (9-12), Afternoon (1-4), & Evening … Read more