Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.

Family Recovery Resource Experts (FRrē)

Family Recovery Resource Experts (FRrē) offers a range of services for families struggling with behavioral health issues: Addiction – Mental Health Disorders – Relationship Problems. Our team will work with you to identify your family’s needs, strengths, and challenges. Together we will develop a plan for dynamic change and growth. Our focus is on Dynamic Family Services, in which we provide family workshops, interventions and counseling services, to help families and individuals stabilize, learn, and gain functional change in their relationships and lives.

Dynamic Family Workshops

Our workshops are designed to meet your family’s unique needs. Experiential and intensive, these dynamic group sessions provide education and strategies geared toward immediate functional change.

Workshops can range from one half-day to three full days, based on each family’s objectives and resources.

Our goal is for families that have been “stuck” for months, or even years, to be able to experience rapid and meaningful systemic growth and healing.

Dynamic Family Interventions

At FRre, we are not just interventionists; we are family therapists. While exploring treatment options for the individual suffering with addiction or mental health issues, we also provide education and support for each family member.

Our therapists practice a dynamic approach, emphasizing empowerment, voice, and collaboration as we engage the entire family.

Our goal is for every family member to begin practicing healthier behaviors and to support each other’s efforts.

Dynamic Family Counseling

Licensed Family Therapists and Addiction Counselors provide a variety of therapeutic services in their work with individuals, couples, and families. Our emphasis and passion centers on the dynamic family system.

Every individual and family is unique, and we customize our counseling approach to best meet the needs of each client.

Our goal is to help a family system get “unstuck” – to move from constantly living in the problem to the development of concrete and effective solutions.

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