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Lone Wolf Recovery (Winsted)

I once believed I was a lone wolf, strong, independent and isolated by choice. I told myself I didn’t need anyone, I was fine on my own. As I learned more about wolves, I discovered they are pack animals, just like people are. I realized the lone wolf is isolated because there is something wrong with it, it is mentally ill, sick in some way, or it is an adolescent trying to find its place in the world. At any reason, I realized I was a lone wolf, but not for the reasons I had first believed. I was a lone wolf because I was broken, sick, dangerous to the rest of the pack. What I thought was strength was weakness and as I began to heal and stop hurting the ones who loved me, I once again became part of my pack. The lone wolf does not have good odds of survival, we need the pack for strength, protection and comfort. We are far more successful together.

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