Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.

Minnesota Recovery Center

Minnesota Recovery Center is an innovator in the recovery industry and licensed with Minnesota Department of Human Services. Our program is designed for single men, women, seniors, and a single mother/father who have an addiction or co-occurring diagnosis and they are needing someone to guide them to over-come barrier. Why us? Because we can relate to your life experience and we have built a foundation that is based on honesty, relationship and dignity. We provide all range of treatment services that will best fit our clients need.

Mission: To provide a quality of care mental and chemical health treatment that focuses on physical, emotional, mental, and spirituality of the whole person.

Vision: To have all clients demonstrate understanding of their mental health and chemical health issues and the ability to manage potential problems.

Programs that will Transform Lives

Our programs are designed for those who are affected by chemical dependencies and co-occurring diagnosis. Our staff will develop an individualized treatment plan that will meet the needs of each client.

Day outpatient: An intensive gender and cultural specific, four days a week group program.

Evening outpatient: This is similar to the day program, the evening outpatient program is an intensive, four days a week program as well.

Driving with Care: This program is offered twice a week.

Relapse prevention program: This program is offered three times per week. Program will focus on those who have had prior treatment services.

Services begin Transforming Lives:

Minnesota Recovery Center has an Intensive Outpatient Treatment services for co-occurring disorders. We are integrating both chemical dependency and mental health recovery services in an environment that inspire hope.

A weekly Individual session

Women only group counseling services

Rule 25 Assessments

Family/significant other education on both chemical and mental health

MRC Provides educational classes

Diagnostic Assessments

A dual recovery services are led by MRC mental health professional staff

MRC Provide crisis intervention

Professional groups counseling services

MRC offers small group sizes

Cultural specific counseling services

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