Under the President’s budget proposal, Minnesota would be eligible for up to $9 million dollars over two years to expand access to treatment for opioid use disorders.

Social Media and Recovery Advocacy: The New Frontier From Faces & Voices of Recovery Blog by Brooke Feldman Perhaps more than any other sociological advance we’ve seen over the past decade, the widespread use of social media has had a tremendous impact on the New Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement. The ability to connect across counties … Read more

Recovery Voices Count! Did you know that in Minnesota you can register to vote online? Pre-Registration is open until Oct 18. After Oct .18 you will need to register to vote at your polling place on Election Day. Wondering if you’re already registered to vote, or if your registration needs to be updated? Find out … Read more

Authentic Connection vs. Shame by Tyler Reitzner There was a point in my active addiction that I had to be hospitalized to detox and stabilize. My drinking was causing significant damage to my liver and pancreas as well as spiking my blood pleasure to dangerous levels.  Spitting up blood was a daily routine. I spent … Read more

Thank you to our friends at Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance for providing this content: Click here for PDF of Press Release. THE BIG GAME AND THE GAMBLING DISORDERED With the approach of Super Bowl LI, the Recovery Committee of the National Council on Problem Gambling has issued a press release to bring attention to the … Read more

Safety in Self-Help Groups ~MAJ John Donovan One of the most important issues to confront recovery groups in decades has been the issue of “Safety in Self-Help” groups. Startling headlines and shocking news reports have circulated around the nation about predatory behavior within and around self-help groups. Earlier this year the General Service Office of … Read more

The annual Walk for Recovery is testament to the strength and generosity of the recovery community. Those of us in recovery from different recovery pathways, our families, allies, and the professionals who serve us come together to remember loved ones, celebrate recovery, and show the world that recovery works.  Each year, MRC is humbled by the outpouring of support and … Read more

Faces of Recovery By Carolyn Wiger About four years ago I had my interview for a chemical health social work position at Washington County. I debated whether or not I should mention that I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Previously, I was working as a counselor in treatment centers where the majority of … Read more

When Marc Johnigan moved to Minneapolis from Dayton, Ohio in 2010, he noticed something missing in his new community: a place to have fun in recovery, especially in the African American community. Marc knew from first-hand experience that connecting with people who have been successful in recovery is critical for sustaining long-term recovery. He saw … Read more

There’s no getting around it, 2020 was a challenging year. It was especially hard on people with Substance Use Disorders. Structural racism, stigma, and health disparities exacerbated by COVID-19 collided in 2020, and the emerging statistics present a grim narrative. And yet, we are resilient. We know that each new day is both a gift … Read more

As we navigate these challenging times and Minnesota’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we work hard to continue serving the recovery community in the most effective ways possible. We are connecting with people everyday, helping them navigate recovery resources during this especially difficult time and providing essential peer recovery support. This month, we interviewed Julie … Read more

“I believe that housing is a human right.” Peer recovery support is a non-clinical, strengths-based approach to helping individuals on their recovery journey. It’s provided by people who have lived experience with both substance use disorder and recovery, known as Peer Recovery Specialists here at Minnesota Recovery Connection. They work 1:1 with individuals in activities … Read more