Minnesota Recovery Connection Intern Spotlight: Lydia

Minnesota Recovery Connection has a variety of opportunities and internships to gain practical experience across our nonprofit operations and services. MRC is a Recovery Community Organization – a grassroots nonprofit whose staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors are all people in personal or family recovery or are community allies. We are dedicated to strengthening the recovery community and are proud to share our stories. This month, we’re spotlighting our intern, Lydia.  

MRC: What is your area of study/major and what are your aspirations after graduation?

Lydia: I am starting the Master of Social Work Program at Augsburg University this summer.

MRC: What draw you to Minnesota Recovery Connection on your internship search? Why did you want the internship? 

Lydia: I was intrigued by the diverse focus and approach MRC takes with recoverees in our community. Having the opportunity to learn from recoverees is valuable to me.

Portrait photograph of the intern featured, Lydia

MRC: Tell us about your internship, what is your title and responsibilities?  

Lydia: As an intern, I work in the Telephone Recovery Support Program. I call recoverees weekly to support them in their recovery journey and daily life.

MRC: What is your biggest accomplishment as an intern? 

Lydia: Whenever a recoveree achieves a goal they set, I feel the sense of achievement they experience. Hearing recoverees say that I have made them stronger is heartwarming to me.

MRC: In what ways has this internship experience impacted you? 

Lydia: Getting to know people at MRC has impacted my understanding of strength and resilience.

MRC: How would you describe MRC to someone who has never heard of it?

Lydia: MRC is a supportive and welcoming place that can play a positive part in a person’s recovery, as well as our community.

MRC: Do you have any advice for students looking for an internship? 

Lydia: I think students should go with their “gut feeling.” For example, if an organization supports beliefs and impacts that you find important, it is a great sign that the organization is right for you.

Lydia’s enthusiastic attitude towards her internship at Minnesota Recovery Connection is recognized by anyone who meets her. Her dedication to her social work education provides her with a foundation of professionalism and integrity which are showcased through her internship tasks. Her thoughtfulness as an ally to those in recovery is felt with each and every phone call she takes. Lydia’s welcoming demeanor and helpfulness towards those she works with doesn’t go unnoticed, and she is a true asset to the team!

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