NUWAY Alliance Tech’s Share Their Role in Recovery

Have you ever thought about what contributes to a positive addiction treatment experience?  Tech positions play a vital role at each level of care at the NUWAY Alliance’s treatment programs. Our techs are often the first people you’ll meet when you enter treatment and are first to help with any client or staff needs.  They ensure the safety of both the building and all those who occupy it. Another vital role, specifically in residential treatment, is our nursing staff. Nurses work in tandem with the Medical Director, clinical and tech staff helping clients navigate, address, and manage health concerns they may be experiencing. By doing this, nurses help client prepare to prioritize and advocate for their health during treatment and beyond. We are grateful for all our techs and nurses and the support they offer on an individual’s recovery journey. NUWAY Alliance offers 5 medium-intensity residential programs, 7 intensive outpatient programs and one outpatient program throughout the state of Minnesota. Learn more about these roles here directly from our fantastic staff!

A big thank you to NUWAY Alliance for being our Walk for Recovery 2023 Presenting Sponsor!


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