NUWAY Spotlight: Food Feeds Our Soul

Food feeds the soul.

At NUWAY Alliance, we believe that recovery is multifaceted and creating eating patterns with nutritious meals while our clients are in care is a huge part of that! Our Food Service workers work hard to ensure that our residential clients have 3 healthy meals a day, 7 days a week and our IOP clients have access to a nourishing snack every day they’re with us. Peer Recovery Support Specialists are there for you. This unique role is made of those that know exactly where our clients have been and where they have the potential to go as they themselves have been in their shoes. Clients have the ability to meet with PRSS during their stay, creating a relationship in which they feel comfortable to ask for their help or their guidance with any issue clients may have. They have the resources and can be found at any of our sites throughout the state of MN. Meet our staff in this video!


NUWAY Alliance is the 2023 Minnesota Recovery Connection’s Walk for Recovery Presenting Sponsor.

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