Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.

Alcoholics Anonymous / Greater Minneapolis Intergroup

What is Intergroup?
Intergroup is a local service office dedicated to helping newcomers who are seeking Alcoholics Anonymous.

How is it operated?
A small staff of special workers, including an Office Manager and Staff Assistants carry out daily office activities and facilitate 12 Step work. There are 12 elected board members.

What services are provided by Intergroup?
• Phones answered 24 hours a day
• Maintains online A.A. Meeting Directory
• 12-Step calls
• A.A. Literature – English, Spanish, non English languages
• A.A. Grapevine publications
• A.A. Orientation Meetings
• MIRUS monthly newsletter (Minneapolis Intergroup Recovery Unity and Service)
• Public information
• Publication of Meeting Directories
• Cooperation with Outside Agencies

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7204 West 27th Street Suite 113 St. Louis Park MN 55426-3112